We are a Community

We are a community with a common and we own resources. Threshing Flow is a community bank also known as Credit Financial Institution (CFI) and we ONLY assist those who are members. This means; together we own a part of the bank and we can decide where and how to direct it. Services that exist are to benefit us as a community. Services such as:

  1. Banking services (Make a deposit or withdrawal)
  2. Internet banking (Online Banking)
  3. Payments and online transfers
  4. Swipe at any till point
  5. Use cell phone banking
  6. Get free insurance
  7. Get paid
  8. Access your funds at any ATM
  9. As a member you need to tell us what’s next
  10. Make withdrawals and deposits at Pick & Pay, Shoprite/Checkers, Boxer, Spar