Threshing Flow in Mining

Threshing Flow is in the process of purchasing 2 mines, one chrome mine in the Rusternburg (South Africa) and Coal mine in KwaZulu Natal (South Africa). Both mines are valued at $300 000 000.00 which will help list Threshing Flow (Pty) Ltd before the end of 2019. Investing in the minning sector is an important factor in the South African economy adding in job creation in GDP. 

Threshing Flow is currently building a Ferro Chrome recovery plant that enables us to recover available Chrome (Cr) from slag or dumps. This process is important in the cleaning of dumps and recovering existing chrome which can be an important factor in mining as it reduces cost and ensure production increases even when the chrome production is lower. Our Ferro Chrome percentage can go up to 58% depending on the quality of the slag or dump.


Other available commodities including Coking coal, Chrome Concentrate. Chrome concentrate is a by product of Ferro chrome. This is available in small quantities, with an average of 42-44%

Available Ferrochrome MT
Available Coking Coal MT
Available Chrome Concentrate
Anthracite mining in South Africa KwaZulu Natal
Chrome mining in Rusternburg and Limpopo province