Moving Commodities


Threshing Flow is able to move coal and chrome from mines to sidings. At times clients may request commodities on Free on Board bases (FOB) or shipment. Threshing Flow may source more trucks from different transporters. This is an important relationship from Threshing Flow as we focus on delivery and making sure our trucks are in order and ready to deliver at all time.

Threshing flow has further invested 25 new trucks and further added 30 new trucks belonging to other transporters. We have built relationship with transport owner where we offer long term partnership contracts to move commodities within South Africa. In a month, we move more than 50,000 Metric tonnages of coal, chrome and manganese. 

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Our transport

threshing Flow uses 34 tones side tippers to move coal and chrome. Already on our database, we have purchased over 50 trucks used daily and source more from different transport owners

Our partners

Threshing Flow have over 5 companies regarded as partners. Our partners facilitate in ensuring trucks are available from time to time


Threshing Flow offers different types of loads and agreements to move commodities. We secure our partners through bank guarantees and offers diesel accounts and salaries for their drivers

Why Threshing Flow Transport

Every year more than 50% of trucks purchased are repossessed. This is because of work provided by the principal which does not guarantee sustainability of the transporter. Threshing Flow has realised that in order to secure transporters, a long terms contract with performance guarantee need to be established. This helps trucks to be available at all times and also to ensure we deliver to our clients from time to time. 

Threshing Flow has over 20 years experience in the transport industry, we assist in management and invoicing of trucks every month. Payments offered are daily, 7 days, fourth nightly and monthly with a minimum contract of 12 months to 5 years

Getting Started

All transporters and / or agents register on our database and supply us with spread sheet detailing their available trucks and information.

Follow up

Threshing Flow will follow up by verifying trucks and the documents supplied. As soon as all the information is order, Threshing Flow will supply work available


Threshing Flow will secure all trucks and the work available by offering diesel on account s and guarantees. Once that is in place, threshing flow will assist in the management and invoicing.