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About the Bank

We’re a community Bank, a member-owned provider of financial, wealth, health and insurance solutions. With a growing number of members in communities across South Africa, we’re the country’s fastest growing community Bank. We are proud to be giving back to the communities.

Why join TFCB?

We are a co-operative membership institution with Board Members who represent all members who join the community bank. As you join Threshing Flow you become a member of the Community Bank. Since there is a huge financial struggle in South Africa, we we came together to establish ways of creating financial freedom for our people through membership based. Now you can:

  • Free funeral cover worth R10,000
  • Free health insurance for your elderly over 60 years
  • Free insurance when using public transport
  • Apply for Threshing Flow card and get it delivered to you
  • Access loans which do not require credit checks like commercial banks
  • Property Finance that is easy to access
  • Business Finance and quick loans

Threshing Flow Corporate Governance

Threshing Flow Community Bank is a member owned organisation. We are registered as a co-operative under Companies Act of South Africa. Our Corporate Governance Principles and Guidelines provide members with further confidence in the governance of their community Bank. The Board of TFCB is responsible for developing and guiding a viable, mutually owned business which  benefits all members and beneficiaries of the TFCB’s Community Purpose – members working together through life’s changes for mutual good. TFCB and its Partners is changing people’s lives and finances. 

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