Threshing Flow - Rent to Buy

Meaning of Rent to Buy. Rent to Buy is an exciting new strategy to help first time buyers onto the property ladder! It can also provide an exit strategy for low yielding properties and increase monthly cash flow.

Apply now

You can do online application for a pre approval check. If you do qualify, we will contact you.
You can also apply through one of our field agents/consultants who will guid you through the process.


Be full time employed and be willing to purchase a property between R350,000 to R3,500.000 You need to be willing rent out a property for 6 to 24 months while we prepare you for a financial fitness (if you are blacklisted, declined & other credit & affordability challenges)

Process & Time frame

Rent to Own approval takes 24 - 48 hours and you can simply move into the property as soon as you agree and sign, just as long as you are happy with the property you want to purchase. Four months before the end of your lease we finalise the purchase of your property and you become a new owner.